Industrial Ride™ is a Portland-bred cycling studio that is changing the cycling industry through our signature classes. Industrial Ride  combines targeted choreography, hills, sprints, endurance pushes as well as Industrial Ride's proprietary Performance Metric Software into each class creating an effective full body workout.  Performance Metrics allow clients to view real-time statistics during class and gauge their efforts while instructors encourage and motivate clients to push together beyond what they thought possible.  After they have given it all they have got, the results are emailed to them and stored in their account so they can track their progress over time.



I RIDE™ is our original 45-minute class that redefined cycling and changed the industry! This class incorporates choreography that targets your legs, core and upper body and uses resistance training (hills, sprints, interval pushes) to push your limits and build strength!


I RIDE 30 / I RIDE 60

I RIDE 30 is the perfect class for those on a time crunch.  Everything you love about I RIDE crammed into a 30 minute class.

I RIDE 60 is for those looking to really push their limits and increase their power numbers. We've added an extra 15 minutes of RIDE for an hour long sweat session just for you!


Industrial Barre

Industrial Barre™ is our sister studio and a perfect compliment to your RIDE workouts! Using targeted ballet barre exercises and a curriculum derived from the Lotte Burk Method, Industrial Barre workouts are guaranteed to strengthen, lengthen, and tone your physique.